About Us

The Herb Shop is dedicated to fostering health and well being through the sales of organic and culinary products as well as providing quality service.  We offer a wide range of high quality herbs, spices and beverage teas at a fair price in customer-friendly quantities or in bulk for those in the wholesale business.

A simple yet natural approach to health and life can provide great benefits to our bodies, mind and spirits as well as to our Mother Earth.  Consuming wholesome organic food and utilizing herbs for culinary and medicinal purposes is the natural way to go. Follow the wise sayings of Hippocrates:

Our Food should be our Medicine, and our Medicine should be our Food

Visit The Herb Shop to search for popular & fresh culinary herbs and spices.  If you are looking for something that is special and unique and cannot find it easily in your local herbs & spices stores, contact us and we will try our very best to find it for you. 

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