Lavendar Flowers

Lavendar Flowers
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Lavendar, botanical name Lavendula augustifolia, is an amazing and versatile herb for cooking.  The lavendar flowers and leaves can be used fresh while both the buds and stems can be used dried.  Lavendar is part of the mint family and rather close to sage, rosemary and thyme.  It is best used with oregano, thyme, sage, fennel, rosemary and savory.  Lavendar has a sweet, floral flavor, with citrus and lemon notes.  In fact the potency of the lavendar flowers actually increases with drying.

The secret to cooking with lavender is through experimenation.  Always start out with a small amount of flowrs, adding more as you go.  Adding excessive lavendar to the recipes can be like eating perfume and cause the dish to taste bitter.  Due to its strong flavor, the secret of Lavendar is that a little goes a long way.

Culinary uses of Lavendar:-

  1. The lavendar flowers add a beautiful color to salads
  2. Lavendar can be substituted for rosemary insome  bread recipes
  3. The lavendar flowers can be placed in sugar, sealed tightly for a few weeks then use as a subsitute for ordinary sugar for buns, custards and cakes.
  4. Diminutive lavendar blooms can add a mysterious scent to flans, custards or sorbets
  5. Lavendar lends itself to savoury dishes, from hearty stews to wine-reduced sauces.

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